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Family Conflict ∞ Peaceful Resolution

Menzies Family Law is committed to helping you navigate the legal aspects of your separation and divorce in a constructive, respectful, and empowering manner, without going to court.
You will have the support of an experienced and conscientious Collaborative Divorce Lawyer or 
Family Law Mediator in Victoria, BC. Kirstin Menzies is dedicated to helping you find 
a peaceful resolution to your family conflict.

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The Menzies Family Law Blog provides commentary on the latest trends in Family Law in British Columbia, and links to helpful articles for those going through separation or divorce. Please note it is general information only, not legal opinion or advice.

“Kirstin, again, I truly am grateful that you were my lawyer through this process. I feel as if I was very fortunate to find you. Your expertise, clear thinking, excellent memory, and diligence were a godsend.  Your kindness and empathy were helpful, too.”

About Kirstin

Kirstin Menzies has practiced family law since 2007 and focuses on out of court processes and solutions.

Family Law

Family Law is about resolving conflict and planning for the future. Kirstin has over 10 years of experience.

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Kirstin helps people settle family law matters on their own terms, while retaining control of the process.

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Family Conflict ∞ Peaceful Resolution
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